About Boats On TV

Regattas,Super Yachts, Power Boats

Boats on TV is a boating portal that covers all the action from the world’s best boating events such as for sailing the Vendee Globe, WMRT, VOR, America’s Cup, etc. Our sailing channel is also the best place for Live Streaming of sailing events, international sailing news, sailing videos, UIM Class One Powerboats and at the same time you can buy fuel oil treatments for your boats/cars motors to keep them in top working order from our Boat Shop.

A Sailing Portal that informs as well as entertains

Having televised innumerable regattas, sailing videos, international sailing events and around the world sailing news, this sailing channel is also the home of World on Water, its own weekly sailing and boating news TV show, which rounds-up the top results and news from the world of sailing.

Boats on TV – the most comprehensive sailing channel

Showcasing all water-related activities from 18 Footer Racing, Ice Sailing, Power-boating to Extreme Sailing Series, UIM Class One Powerboats and more, this leading boating channel also features “classic” and special interest sailing videos here on Boats on TV.

Boats on TV Sailing Portal has exceptionally high picture quality

With fast response and delivery, this sailing channel delivers a crystal clear sailing videos picture quality of sailing and cruising events for everyone interested in sailing and boating sport.