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Boats on TV Sailing FAQs

What does Boats on TV do?
Boats on TV sailing portal is dedicated to bringing you all of the latest news and action from sailing and boating world and other action sports on water. Main feature of Boats on TV is “World on Water”, its own weekly sailing news TV show. You will also find the best action in sailing, powerboating, regattas, sailing events, etc. in Boats on TV sailing channel.

Is Boats on TV free to view?
Boats on TV sailing channel is currently free to view. It brings the best coverage in international sailing events, exciting sailing videos and interesting sailing news right to your screen.

What is “World on Water”?
“World on Water” is Boats on TV sailing portal’s online sailing news TV show which features all of the best action and up to date news of sailing and activity on the water from around the world. “World on water” is produced weekly and released every Sunday on Boats on TV sailing portal and our syndicated partner websites.

Can I have “World on Water” on my site?
Yes, if you have a boating related website then you can have “World on Water” on your website. We offer “World on Water” for FREE, in its own dedicated video player, to sailing, boating and nautical websites. It is easy to install and gets automatically updated with a new show every Sunday. For instructions on how to feature “World on Water” on your own website, please send an email to:

How can I get a link on your site?
If you are a boating related website and want to participate in a link exchange with Boats on TV sailing portal please contact

How did Boats on TV start?
Boats on TV sailing portal was started by its CEO, Geoff Waller. Geoff is a sailing enthusiast interested in all aspects of action on the water. He has a dream to bring the most current and up to date sailing news and action to the world.

What content will I find on Boats on TV?
Boats on TV sailing portal covers the latest footage from all aspects of sailing, including events such as the America’s Cup, ISAF Sailing World Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, UIM Class One Powerboats, TP52 Super Series, Rolex Sydne Hobart, Extreme Sailing Series and much more!

Can I submit content to feature on Boats On TV?
If you have any footage that you have the rights to, can prove it and want to feature it on Boats On TV sailing portal or in World On Water then please contact

How else can I get in contact with Boats on TV?
You can get in touch with Boats on TV by visiting us on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Blog.